What we do
From adventurous pioneering expeditions to unforgettable family holidays, celebrations and events, we offer carefully crafted experiences.

  • Private Guided Tours 
  • Event Planning & Logistics Coordination 
  • Exclusive Kosher Cuisine 
  • Hotels and Boutique Hotels & Villas 
  • Concierge Service 
  • Private Air
The Process
  1. We receive your email enquiry and reply within the first 24 to 48 hours with specific questions if needed to understand the client’s wants, needs and expectations.
  2. We start designing the itinerary based on the information collected during our first call, email, meeting.
  3. We send you a link by email with a full day by day digital itinerary which always includes the itemized NET quote in USD. This itinerary will also have general information about Panama, biosafety protocols, etc.
  4. Exchange of emails for any necessary changes or preferences requested.
  5. Once we receive a written approval of the itinerary we will send you a short digital form requesting specific details such as dietary restrictions, medical issues, etc. so we can share with our team on the ground.
  6. Once the clients arrive in Panama we have a 24/7 concierge service available for any assistance needed.
Why Panama?

  • Great connectivity: direct flights to and from most cities in the US, Latin America and Caribbean. Also direct flights to Madrid, Frankfurt, Netherlands, Paris.
  • Small country BIG biodiversity and multiculturalism.
  • Panama has 3 important factors that make it very different from other destinations in Latin America. We have 7 different indigenous tribes that still preserve their culture and traditions, rich history and heritage with big Spanish influence/architecture where you can visit former fortresses, stay in Panama’s Old Quarters, The Panama Canal which is a marvel of engineering and a magnet to visitors from all over the world.
  • Good infrastructure, safe country, US Dollar economy.
  • Warm tropical weather year round.
  • Unique opportunity to visit both the Pacific and Caribbean in one day or enjoy a few nights in both coats during your visit to Panama.
  • The longest domestic flight is only 50 minutes.
Our Commitment to

We always use local services providing employment and a direct source of income to communities. In addition, we partner with the best anthropologists, biologists, and other experts to deliver educational and meaningful experiences for our guests.

To learn more about our commitment to sustainability please see the video.